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Stylized Feather Face Mask in Peach + Cream
Stylized Feather Face Mask in Peach + Cream

Stylized Feather Face Mask in Peach + Cream

$ 15.00

Safety is the hottest accessory! One of our main values is to make social responsibility sexy by respecting our earth and empowering the #bossbabes that live in it. One of the ways we’ve been able to limit our waste is by using scrap material to create masks. Check out your favorite prints in our new protective face masks! 

We've made the mask elastic in black so you don't have to worry about getting makeup caked on it. Enough with those stains already, we got ya girl.

The feather signifies honor and connectedness with nature according to some Native American traditions--rewarded as a symbol of courage when a warrior wins a battle. Quite apropos for someone like you who embodies the badassery of standing for sustainability while looking #chicaf ;)

Mask Details 

  • Modal lined with Cotton
  • One Size 
  • Filter Pocket 
  • 1/4" black elastic 
  • Machine Washable 


All of Symbology's products are made by hand by women artisans who use traditional art techniques. We are committed to sustainable manufacturing practices, paying livable wages to our artisans, and using eco-friendly dyes. 


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