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Medusa Mini's

Medusa Mini's

$ 88.00

According to Greek mythology, Medusa was once a beautiful and irresistible mortal. However, her beauty captivated Poseidon and the myth describes him attacking Medusa and violating her trust. Enraged with jealousy, Athena transformed Medusa's beautiful hair into serpents and declared that anyone who locked eyes with her, would turn to stone. Perseus was sent to slay and behead Medusa to end her life, and upon her death, Pegasus emerged from her body. To this day, Medusa's powerful spirit still lives on in the stories passed down from generation to generation. My intention for these earrings is to symbolize female empowerment in the face of adversity. 


The mini's are the exact replica of the Medusa Earrings but just on a smaller scale. The Medusas are entirely hand sculpted, detailed, and assembled by hand in Austin, TX. No molds, cutters, or tracing are used to handmake this design.

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