Between the Folds: The Inspiration Behind Our Fall Origami Collection

Introducing the Origami Collection. Origami, literally “folding paper” when directly translated from Japanese, is a deceptively simple art. Origami first became prevalent in Japan during the 6th century with the availability of paper. Since paper was expensive, origami was originally a pastime for the elite or used for ceremonies. But as Japan modernized and paper became more commonplace, origami gained in popularity and many new patterns, shapes, and techniques were developed over time.

Every piece starts off as a flat sheet of paper, but with just the right steps and perfect creases, one can create something beautiful. Channeling the minimalist, yet bewitchingly complex essence of origami, Symbology has crafted a collection of crisp, bold, yet elegant designs.

Pattern feature:

In lieu of the theme of “boldness” this collection, Symbology is doing something new. We are proud to present our new silhouettes for the professional woman. With our brand new blazers, chic tops, and luxurious silk trousers, you can dress like, feel like, and truly be the boss. Or mix things up: combine a blazer with one of our new rompers or pair the trousers with a sheer top to look top-of-the line even during your weekend.