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#fashrev // 5 Years Later, How Far Have We Really Come?

#fashrev // 5 Years Later, How Far Have We Really Come?
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It’s been 5 years since the horrific crash of the Rana Plaza factory in Bangladesh, a time that beckons reflection and introspection. That terrible incident brought with it a silver lining—the rise of the global Fashion Revolution movement, or as us millennials like to call it, #fashrev.

The Fashion Revolution movement, which challenges consumers to ask brands "Who Made My Clothes?", has grown stronger than ever. We love meeting more and more customers at ethical popups and seeing amazing brands enter the space every day--there is practically an ethical alternative for every fast fashion brand out there. That kind of competition provides a variety of ethical options for  those who want to make sustainability a lifestyle choice, while keeping us brands on our toes so that we provide the best quality items possible.

While our main focus continues to be on training and employing women artisans, we are constantly working improve our supply chain transparency. Our vegan friends and environmental champions alike push us to offer fabric alternatives that are sustainable. We are in the process of getting eco-friendly and ethical labor certification from all aspects of our supply chain and look forward to migrating our cut-and-sew operations to a refugee cooperative in Dallas. 

Symbology artisan partners in Jaipur

However, as the rights of women, refugees, LGBT friends, Muslims and other minorities continue to be deteriorated, it is all the more crucial for us consumers to use our spending power to support businesses that create real value for our planet and people. We have to be vigilant and show our solidarity, else these exploitive industries and policies will never change.

If you haven't seen The True Cost documentary (which is free to stream on Netflix), get on it. It's a powerful look into the devastating reality of fast fashion; however, it leaves the viewer feeling a bit helpless. 

Don't fret, though. We have compiled a brief list of easy (and enjoyable) ways to take part in the Fashion Revolution.

What you can do:

// The next time you’re shopping, ask the salesperson if they carry ethical fashion brands

// Install the Donegood Chrome plugin, which suggests ethical alternatives to mainstream fashion brands while shopping online

// Check out brands on The Good Trade guides

// Tell/tag your friends about new brands you love

// Attend a Renegade Craft Fair (in cities all over the U.S.)

// Join the Fashion Revolution

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// Wearwell

// Causebox

// Globein

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