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Symbology Exclusive: Hand Printed Table Runner featured in Globein Artisan Box

Symbology Exclusive: Hand Printed Table Runner featured in Globein Artisan Box
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What's the one ritual that every culture around the world celebrates? It's not weddings, though that's a good guess. It's food. 

Gathering together with friends and family around the table to devour good food is a simple act that unites us all as humans. So this holiday, let's relish it. To serve each other, after all, nourishes not only the body but the soul.

We are super excited to share with you that we have partnered with artisan-focused Globein to create a beautiful table runner for their Serve box, a theme wonderfully apropos for the holidays.  

The order was able to provide sustained employment for artisans like Kalyani and Lakshmi (pictured below) for several months. Kalyani and Lakshmi are screen print artists at a small workshop in Sanganer, a small town outside of Jaipur that is world-renowned for exquisite block and screen prints. They were part of the artisan team that crafted the scarves featured in Rachel Zoe's Box of Style, but need consistent orders to keep providing for their families. 

This partnership with Globein was the perfect opportunity. 

Kalyani has 5 children--2 daughters and 3 sons--who all live and work nearby, allowing them to meet frequently. Lakshmi has 1 daughter and 2 sons. She received an education through the eighth grade and was married shortly thereafter; since then has decided to break with local tradition and work outside her home to provide for her family. Through consistent orders like the table runner exclusive with Globein, Lakshmi is able to give all her children (including the girls) an opportunity to receive an education at a good school.

The amazing women behind the Globein artisan box have generously offered to give Symbologists a special gift for the holidays. Just enter code SYMBOLOGY for 50% off your first month's subscription to the Globein Premium Artisan Box. Woot! Check it out here: 



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