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Block Printers of Sanganer

Located near the world-renowned cultural and artistic hub of Jaipur, the artisans of Sanganer have passed down the beautiful craft of block printing for generations. The community of master artisans create stunning prints with intricate patterns and vibrant colors through the use of hand-forged wooden block stamps carefully transferred onto the high-quality textiles of the region. Block Print House enables the artisans of Bagru to share their exquisite craftsmanship within the international market, bringing both awareness and appreciation of the art form to customers worldwide.

India is currently one of the lowest ranking countries for women’s rights, and despite the region’s rich history of art and entertainment, Jaipur and the surrounding areas remain one of the worst in terms of women’s empowerment. Through our partnership with the artisans of Sanganer, Symbology aids in the empowerment and independence of women via a sustainable source of income, while celebrating their traditional craft.

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