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Embroidery of Chiapas

Our artisan partners in the southern state of Chiapas, Mexico create beautiful embroidery designs that reflect their lush floral landscape.

Indigenous artisans from several ethnic communities, including those of Chenalho and Zinacantan, are known for their handcrafted cultural art forms that originate long before the arrival of the Spanish. Textile embroidery is a common craft among the indigenous women that is often introduced to girls at a young age, resulting in communities of highly skilled artisans. 

Using the traditional backstrap loom weaving process of the region, artisans create small batch styles of elaborate designs, drawing from ancient symbols of indigenous cultures, as well as their environment. The high-quality, natural textiles, often made of wool or cotton sourced from the area, serve as a canvas for the brilliant artistry and lively hues of the traditional craft. Each piece in the collection tells the story of generations of artisans who have worked to preserve their culture and maintain their beautiful craft. 

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