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Our Spring Festival Love Collection: A Literal Headturner

Our Spring Festival Love Collection: A Literal Headturner
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What brings people the world over together? It's that universal need to celebrate life and dance with reckless abandon. To honor tradition and heritage, to create beauty through movement. It's central to festivals practiced by cultures the world over to celebrate good times and usher in good juju.

Introducing Symbology’s Festival Love collection, featuring dancers from diverse global disciplines--ballet and contemporary, West African and Afrobeat, Salsa and Bhangra dance in our new line of ethereal dresses and super comfortable jumpsuits. 

New block prints like 'Dancing Umbrellas' and 'Floral Tattoo' reflect the celebratory spirit of the festivals of Japan and Mexico. The line also features some new wedding guest/bridesmaid styles, including a twisted kimono-inspired dress, a one shoulder flowy dress and 'cropped' midi dress.

Featured Dancers, in order of appearance:

1. Du Shekere West African + Afrobeat Dancers (Miko, Iv and Isis)

2. Salsa + Bachata Dancers (Karla and Candice)

3. 6 O'Clock Theatre Contempprary + Ballet Dancers (Constance and Marielle)

4. Bhangra + Bollywood Dancers (Swetha)




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