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The heart of HeART Deco

The heart of HeART Deco
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cool blue– off the shoulder blouse

Art-deco-inspired prints melt into light chiffon and buttery silk in our new spring collection. In its essence, HeART Deco is sumptuous. Putting a modern twist on iconic 1920s fashion, ethereal fabrics will keep you cool and have you dreaming of luxurious Gatsby-esque days sipping mint juleps on a terrace. The era following World War One was an exciting time for women: major gains were made regarding women’s rights, and radically different fashion reflected those changes. HeART Deco channels this fierce female spirit through bold geometric patterns and plunging necklines. It nods to artwork rich in color and saturated with stunning shapes.

The unrestrictive flapper fashion was a literal manifestation of freedom, and our flowing kimonos, plunging necklines and simple forms highlight this free-spirited vibe. One of the signature symbols of HeART Deco is our poppy print, a flower that has deep emotional significance in many cultures around the world. From remembering loved ones to developing inner peace and cultivating imagination, poppies are linked to success and love. Our geometric diamond print resonates with strength and beauty, each overlapping stroke creating positive energy. Stars embodying dreams burst across caftans. Our beaded peacock feathers signify grace and are classic staples of art deco that add sparkle to any day. 

drop dead beaded peacock deep v caftan Cherry blossom kimono wrap dress

Berry, blush, and indigo tones bring to mind the refreshing coolness of a summer swim and days illuminated by sunshine. Splashed with these colors and plenty of zest to spare, HeART Deco brings out the free-spirited and glamorous woman that resides in all of us.


Dress like a flapper

The glamorous and gorgeous look of the Bright Young Things can be replicated with some simple styling.


          Givenchy                                               Symbology

Get Emma Stone’s flapper-esque Oscars look for a fraction of the price with our hand-beaded tulle and velvet evening gown.


              Gladys Zielian, Broadway star     Symbology’s twist

Silky headscarves lain over loose waves is a modern twist on the iconic hair of the Roaring Twenties.

           Film star Louise Brooks                        Symbology’s twist

 In the 20s, a new precedent for making makeup daring was set with bold lips and dark eyes. This is a perfect look to emulate now, when deep lipsticks are in style. Fill in brows and choose fun purple shades for added spunk.

           Lucy Doraine, film star                    Symbology’s Twist

Long beaded necklaces, pearls, and chokers that sat low at the base of the throat were very in during the Art Deco era. Try doubling up on jewelry by wearing both chokers and long necklaces for an interesting statement.


And just for fun…

vintage poster La Vie Parisienne magazine

             sipping noodle juice                           ...and ordering foot juice

Let’s get totally zozzled. Zozzled is flapper slang for being tipsy, and just one of the countless little gems found in 1920s terminology (which is definitely the cat’s pajamas). So go ahead and brush up on your speakeasy slang so your vernacular can truly be the bees knees (the best, of course)!

  • Applesauce: total balderdash! Foolish talk, utter nonsense.
  • Berries: great, as in it’s the berries.
  • Feathers: small talk. A pillowcase is a young man full of feathers.
  • Gams: legs, as in woah, take a look at those gams!
  • Hotsy Totsy: perfect, as right as can be.
  • Let’s blouse: let’s go.
  • Noodle Juice: tea, not to be confused with foot juice, which is cheap wine!
  • Whiskbroom: a man who cultivates whiskers

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