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Stronger Together

We often imagine our lives full with travel, new experiences, and adventures. If we are very lucky, we get just that. A trip to a foreign country. Enough money for a night out to an Indian dinner. Sufficient courage to take that tango class. We have what is required to fill our individual lives with unique experiences outside our norm. As the world gets smaller, either by force of nature or our own curiosity, wonderful collisions of culture become less and less avoidable.  We can’t imagine Symbology without Jaipur, nor Deli, nor the West Bank. It is our artisans who use their local techniques passed down from generations that truly define our line. Yet we find inspiration from all cultures,...

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Essentials for a Fair-Trade Friendly Beach Day

In case you missed it, last week’s post focused on staying mindful when you’re busy, stressed, and can’t sneak out of work for a nap on the beach. We thought it would be fitting to dedicate this week to the glorious days when you can escape to the sea for some rest and relaxation, so we’ve compiled the essentials for a fabulous and fair-trade friendly beach day! First, you’ll need something to pack your beach essentials in, like this boho-chic bucket bag from Hiptipico. Then, pack this handwoven towel from The Little Market to lay on if you’re the lounging and reading type, or to dry off with if you’re a surfer. Don’t forget the all-important sunscreen (this one from...

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