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Celebrating Mothers Worldwide

Celebrating Mothers Worldwide
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In a warehouse in India, swaths of silk and cotton patiently sit on tables amid spools of thread and wooden blocks carved with intricate patterns. Here, mothers teach ancient artisan traditions to daughters as they work to create beautiful handmade garments.

Tradition has always been important between mother and daughter– and in an increasingly global and technological world, it is more important than ever to preserve these familial, maternal traditions. Whether it’s a mother teaching her daughter how to bake her secret soda bread recipe, or how to make a powwow regalia, or how to sew memories into quilts, tradition is nurtured by mothers and passed down to daughters. On this Mother’s Day, we at Symbology want to honor this special role of mothers and share our excitement about keeping artisan tradition alive through our new partnership.

We are excited to announce that this year we are partnering with a female social entrepreneur in Jaipur who trains women exclusively in a full supply chain, from dyeing to block printing, embroidering and tie-dyeing, to cut-and-sew manufacturing as well. Mother-daughter teams are specially recruited in order to keep artisan traditions of printing and embroidery alive in rural Indian communities.

Being a mom takes plenty of grit and a lot of love. This Mother’s Day we celebrate these traits in our mamas and thank them for all the hard work and dedication and love they have invested into their families. We can never forget that motherhood demands a lot of sacrifice, whether that means cutting down on hobbies or taking a break from climbing the corporate ladder. 

In developing countries, 90% of income earned by women is invested back into their families. They yearn to give their children more opportunities, like attending university, than they had growing up. They want to make their community stronger and help the next generation thrive. Women are amazing agents of change. 

Our mothers make us strong and smart and savvy. Whether we’re from a rural Indian village or bustling metropolitan city, we all have mothers who give us their all. Let’s remember to thank them, and to be grateful that womanhood is a beautiful force that connects everyone across the world.




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