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Celebrating 7 Years Of Symbology + Our Star Brand Ambassador

Celebrating 7 Years Of Symbology + Our Star Brand Ambassador
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In honor of our 7 year anniversary, we are celebrating our ardent champion of women and biggest cheerleader. Lyric Thompson has been a Symbology Brand Ambassador since day one of Symbology, serving as our Social Impact Advisor and hosting lots of fabulous pop-ups at her home in DC. We are so grateful for her support over the years and found it befitting to honor her today.

Lyric and Marissa met in college at UNC where they bonded over their shared passion for food, fashion and social justice --a bond that continued to flourish when they moved to DC to work for human rights organizations. When Marissa decided to start Symbology out of their alma mater in 2012, Lyric was fully on board and ready to help with design and advocacy advice. 

She has since then hosted over 10 Symbology popups at her lovely DC home, inviting her fellow ICRW colleagues to leverage our consumer culture for good. Ever the purveyor of impeccable style and taste, Lyric is known as the true hostess with the mostess, serving up her own beautifully handcrafted libations and nibbles.

Lyric Thompson is a women's rights advocate who campaigns for gender equality and women's rights in the United States and globally. She serves as Director of Policy and Advocacy at the International Center for Research on Women, on the board of North Carolina Women United and teaches a graduate-level course on women's rights advocacy at George Washington University. She splits time between Washington and Raleigh, NC.

Below is an image of Lyric wearing our limited edition leather blazer--featuring hand embroidery from our partnership with Palestinian refugee women--when speaking about women's rights issues at the prestigious Brookings Institution in DC. Now that's what we call representation!

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