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Sustainable Maternity Clothes - For the Baby Bump & Beyond

Sustainable Maternity Clothes - For the Baby Bump & Beyond
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With our new collection, we've focused on introducing some new silhouettes for ethically conscious mamas-to-be. When designing these pieces, we made sure they checked all the boxes: comfortable, flattering, functional, washable and adaptable enough to wear through all stages of your pregnancy.

Most importantly? We designed these pieces to be closet staples and investment pieces that you can wear before, during, and after pregnancy -- or as we like to say: for baby bump, breastfeeding, and beyond ;)


One of the major components we wanted to make sure our maternity pieces had was comfort. These pieces are lightweight, breathable, and made with buttery-soft fabric that make them comfortable enough to sleep in, but fashionable enough to wear out and about. In fact, one of our customers recently commented that our jumpsuit is "so light and airy, it's like wearing pajamas!" Another one of our customers told us her jumpsuit was so comfortable she ended up ACTUALLY wearing it to bed! As far as we're concerned, that's the best compliment we could possibly receive ;)

Flattering & Adaptable

We didn't just want to make our pieces comfortable, we also wanted to make them items that you would enjoy wearing - that would make you feel sexy and confident in such an important stage of life. It was also important to us that they could continue to look beautiful and flattering throughout your pregnancy, so we included features like elastic waistbands and longer inseams in our jumpsuits to ensure they could grow with you through all the stages of your pregnancy. 


Finally, we wanted to make sure these pieces were functional not only during your pregnancy but after as well. Our favorite little detail? Almost all of the pieces feature either a wrap-style top or a snap at the bust to provide easy access for our breastfeeding mamas out there. 

Shop the collection here for comfortable, functional & ethical pieces that'll last you long after the 9 months is over. 

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